For Families

The Admission Process

How to Get Started

For more information on patient admissions, please contact Jodi Bolden, Admissions Coordinator.

Phone: (325) 670-6223 or (325) 670-6227
E-fax: (325) 480-4136


Jodi will gather the information needed and then give it to appropriate Clinical Liaison to complete the referral.

Who We Treat

Our facility is licensed under Medicare as a long-term acute care hospital, providing care for critically ill and medically complex patients who require a longer acute care stay than a traditional hospital. There are several criteria patients must meet for admission eligibility.

Typical Patients:

  • Require acute care services as determined by a physician assessment
  • Cannot be treated effectively at a lower level of care
  • Have multiple acute complexities that require daily intervention by a physician

Patients requiring the following medical services may also eligible for admission:

  • Mechanical ventilation for respiratory failure
  • Pulmonary hygiene
  • Tracheotomy with respiratory insufficiency
  • Exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • IV and oral anticoagulation/therapeutic INR (international normalized ratio)
  • Post cardiac surgery with acute care needs
  • External wound infection management
  • Stage III or IV decubitus ulcer care
  • Complex medical conditions
  • High-level orthopedic conditions
  • Pre- and post-organ transplant care
  • Low-tolerance rehabilitation

Helpful Information


Free parking is available at the main entrance and Jones entrance. These are the only entrances to Hendrick Medical Center open to the public at this time.

Case Management

The case manager’s role is to work to facilitate patient care by assessing patient needs, evaluating treatment options, creating treatment plans, coordinating care, and gauging progress throughout the stay. For more information, please contact:

Cassie Harris, RN CM
(325) 670-6225

Physician Coverage

ContinueCARE Hospital at Hendrick Medical Center has 24/7 physician coverage.

Patient Care Conference

This interdisciplinary team neeting is every Wednesday and families are invited to participate.

Learn About Our Services

Quality Care for the Critically Ill
Our hospital provides long term acute care for patients who require a long-term hospital stay. Many patients require an intensive level of care.

The ContinueCARE Difference

ContinueCARE Hospital at Hendrick Medical Center offers several unique benefits for patients and family members:

  • We provide care with an interdisciplinary approach with a care team of specialists working together for optimal patient outcomes.
  • Each patient has an individualized care plan based on their needs and preferences.
  • We encourage family and/or caregiver participation and keep loved ones informed every step of the way.
  • We are located within the largest hospital in the Big Country, which gives us access to a wide range of specialities.