Our Success Stories 

Care Restores Patient Healing and Hope

Mr. Abalos, a 39 year old male, was admitted to our facility on November 2 of 2023 with a diagnosis of stage IV infected wound and respiratory failure. Mr. Abalos’s journey began after suffering a pleural effusion and severe lung infection at Shannon Medical Center.

Mr. Abalos had several complications after his initial infection to his lung. He underwent thoracoscopy twice with wound dehiscence requiring 6 weeks of wound care and IV antibiotic therapy. A wound vacuum was placed to assist with healing. He had a tracheostomy placed with ventilator support for respiratory failure and a laparotomy that led to a colostomy. During his hospital stay in San Angelo he also developed a melon size stage IV wound to his coccyx area.

Mr. Abalos had a 25 day stay at CCH. His father often spoke of other team members outside of CCH pleading with him to extubate and “let him go”. He thanks God for never letting him go.

The RT team and physical therapists slowly saw small victories daily. He gained strength and would ambulate with a walker alongside the clinical staff. Mr. Abalos wanted to thank the entire team including Jessica, RN, Geneva, RN, Adelaida and Patri (PCT) and Josh from HMC therapy. He also gave praise to Travis and the HMC wound care team who worked diligently for his healing.

With the permission of Mr. Abalos, we share this fantastic story of restoration and hope. He recently sent an update stating he is doing well but with the help of CCH, he is on his way to recovery!