Our Success Stories 

Patient Success Story

Ms. Elliott, a 74 year old female, was admitted to our facility on August 8 of 2023 with a diagnosis of acute respiratory failure. Ms. Elliott’s journey began after suffering a cardiac arrest and subsequent cardiovascular intervention in July after 8 minutes of CPR. She then was sent home and readmitted to two other facilities in July after another event of confusion and low potassium. Prior to her admissions she was active at home where she had the company of her dog Elliott.

Ms. Elliott had several complications after her initial admission at Hendrick Medical Center South. She was treated for low blood pressure, high potassium, chest pain, pleural effusion, collapsed lung and acute encephalopathy. She was re-intubated on the 6th of August. She was admitted to ContinueCARE Hospital at Hendrick Medical Center for aggressive vent weaning, IV antibiotics and rehab with the hopes of recovering from her medical conditions. On admission, Ms. Elliott was adamant about being a full code, and had aspirations to return home. Her daughter was beside her the entire time and praised the staff for the proactive care and “won’t-give-up” attitudes.

Ms. Elliott failed vent weaning and extubation three times prior to stabilization. She suffered cardiac arrest at CCH after the first vent wean attempt and hopes were low that she would recover. She underwent tracheostomy for vent support and wean attempts continued. The RT team and physical therapists slowly saw small victories daily. She gained strength and would ambulate alongside an OT, PT, RT and nurse with her ventilator in place.

After 27 days, and three times of failed extubation, Ms. Elliott was totally weaned from her vent and her tracheostomy was removed. Ms. Elliott was discharged to HCR where she continued to gain strength and mobility. She stopped in for hugs on her discharge home on October 6th.

With the permission of Ms. Elliott and her daughter, we share this story of restoration and hope!